‘Murdaugh Murders’ season two: Five wildest revelations
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‘Murdaugh Murders’ season two: Five wildest revelations

Netflix’s Murdaugh Murders: A Southern Scandal has returned for a gripping second season, shedding new light on the tragic murders of Maggie and Paul Murdaugh that have captivated the nation since 2021. 

The Murdaugh family is a prominent legal dynasty from South Carolina. They gained notoriety due to the tragic deaths of Maggie and Paul Murdaugh, as well as allegations of financial crimes and Paul’s involvement in a 2019 fatal boating accident.

Alex Murdaugh was convicted of Maggie and Paul’s murders and sentenced to two life sentences to run consecutively without the possibility of parole.

Here are five of the most jaw-dropping discoveries from this latest instalment:

Paul Murdaugh’s boat drinking incident

Despite facing legal troubles related to the 2019 boat crash that claimed the life of Mallory Beach, Paul found himself in hot water once again. The Murdaugh family’s housekeeper, Blanca Turrubiate-Simpson, revealed that Paul had been caught drinking on a boat with friends just days before his and Maggie’s tragic deaths.

This incident added another layer of complexity to the family’s already tumultuous situation, raising questions about Alex’s ability to control his son’s behaviour.

Paul had kept Mallory Beach’s obituary in his truck

One of the season’s most poignant moments came when it was revealed that Paul had kept Mallory Beach’s obituary in his truck until the day he died. This detail suggests that Paul might have felt remorse for his role in the boat crash, even though he never had the chance to apologise openly.

Paul’s longtime friend and Mallory’s boyfriend, Anthony Cook, acknowledged that he was well aware of Paul’s remorse over what transpired with Mallory. “I was aware all along,” Anthony admitted, “that Paul carried a deep sense of regret for what happened to Mallory. Although he never had the opportunity to express it openly or publicly, those of us who were close to him understood the pain he was going through,” Anthony revealed.

What was Morgan Doughty’s spooky encounter? 

Paul’s ex-girlfriend, Morgan Doughty, shared her eerie experience on the night Paul was killed. She claimed that she felt Paul’s presence and believed he had “visited” her shortly before she learnt of his death. “The night that he passed away, I didn’t even know he had passed away. I just remember I had just cooked dinner, and I was just cleaning up, and I had thought about Paul,” Doughty recounted. “And I felt like he would be, like, really glad to see where I’m at in life. And then the next day, I woke up and got the call from my mom that he had passed away.” 

Doughty also expressed her perplexity regarding Maggie’s presence at the kennels where she and Paul met their tragic end. Morgan described Maggie as fearful, explaining that when Alex was absent, Maggie insisted on having Paul sleep in the adjacent bedroom and secured all doors and windows. Maggie had indeed texted a friend that Alex wanted her to meet him there. She had confided in her friend that Alex sounded “fishy” and was “up to something”.

What is Cousin Eddie’s side of the story?

Curtis Edward Smith, known as Cousin Eddie, finally broke his silence in season two of Murdaugh Murders, shedding light on his relationship with Alex Murdaugh. Eddie vehemently denied being a drug dealer, claiming he only ran errands for Alex. He also disclosed Alex’s shocking request for him to assist in his own death. Eddie recalled how Alex called him up and said, “I need you to shoot me and kill me,” which allegedly Eddie refused to do. He also denied having any involvement or prior knowledge of Paul and Maggie’s murders.

Who helped Alex Murdaugh?

In a moment of intrigue, Blanca Turrubiate-Simpson refused to comment on whether she believed Alex acted alone in the murders of Maggie and Paul. Meanwhile, Anthony Cook, Paul’s friend, insisted that there must be another person involved in the murders, “The only comment that I have on that situation is I think that there is another person, there may be even more, but there is at least one more person that needs to be facing the same charges that Mr Alex’s facing because I don’t think that Mr Alex could have shot his own child.”

Murdaugh Murders: A Southern Scandal season two is now available for streaming on Netflix.