(Credit: Netflix)

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New ‘Monster Hunter: Legends of the Guild’ set for Netflix this summer

Netflix has announced that the CG anime special Monster Hunter: Legends of the Guild is set to arrive on the streaming service this summer. 

They have launched an accompanying trailer for the 58-minute special which is based on CAPCOM’s epic fantasy exploration franchise. 

The feature will focus on a young hunter called Aiden, who discovers the imminent threat of an Elder Dragon against his village. Thus, young again teams up with the Hunter’s Guild to help protect his village from the deadly beast. 

The project, which stars Ben Rausch, Erica Lindback and Dante Basco, was directed by Steven F. Yamamoto known for his. work with Pure Imagination Studios. While script duties were taken up by Joshua Fine, known for his work on Ultimate Spiderman.

Monster Hunter: Legends of the Guild will be available to stream from the 12th of August, with the trailer promising plenty of thrills, unbridled forces of nature and plenty of camaraderie for fans of the franchise. 

You can check out the trailer for the forthcoming fantasy below.