‘Money Heist: Berlin’ ending explained
(Credit: Netflix)


‘Money Heist: Berlin’ ending explained

The 2017 Spanish drama Money Heist was a significant success story for Netflix internationally. One particular character, that of Berlin, became a fan favourite, and now we finally have the spin-off telling his story.

Money Heist: Berlin is created by Álex Pina and Esther Martínez Lobato for Netflix, serving as a prequel to the original Money Heist. The show, starring Pedro Alonso, Michelle Jenner, Tristán Ulloa, Begoña Vargas, and Julio Peña Fernández, premiered on Netflix on December 29th, 2023, comprising eight episodes. 

The series delves into the life of Andrés de Fonollosa, alias Berlin, before the events of seasons one and two. Set in the past, Berlin follows the charismatic Berlin as he plans one of his most extraordinary heists—a dazzling scheme to steal €44million in jewels in the heart of Paris. Berlin assembles a skilled team, including Kelia, Damián, Cameron, Bruce, and Roi, to execute the heist with precision.

Berlin’s intricate plan involves using a stolen antique chalice as bait to infiltrate an underground auction house beneath a local church. The team faces numerous challenges, with Berlin becoming particularly entangled in an unexpected web of emotions involving Camille (Samantha Siqueiros), the wife of the auction house supervisor. Berlin’s heist turns unexpectedly as he becomes obsessed with Camille, threatening to jeopardise the meticulously planned operation.

What happens at the end of Money Heist: Berlin?

Despite all these personal entanglements, the heist is ultimately successful. The team manages to steal the jewels without drawing significant attention. Afterwards, Berlin and his team plan to disperse, each member adopting a different guise to avoid suspicion.

Berlin’s feelings for Camille persist, and he grapples with guilt over framing Monsieur Polignac, Camille’s husband, for the heist. Camille discovers her husband’s infidelity and decides to prioritise herself, seeking compensation for the emotional turmoil she endured. Confronting Berlin, she demands her share of the loot. In a surprising turn, Berlin confesses his love for Camille, ultimately giving her substantial money to ease his guilty conscience.

The series concludes with Berlin and Camille’s romantic affair continuing, suggesting a potential new chapter and another heist on the horizon. Essentially, there could be more chapters of Money Heist coming our way eventually.

It might have received mostly negative reviews, but you can now watch Money Heist: Berlin on Netflix to catch Berlin in his glory days.