The mistake you missed in the ‘Sex/Life’ notorious shower scene
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The mistake you missed in the 'Sex/Life' notorious shower scene

To be the very best streaming service across the globe, Netflix has to focus its attention on all markets, from children’s programmes to big-budget blockbusters, to X-rated TV series.

Following a suburban mother of two who takes a fantasy trip down memory lane that sets her married reality on a collision course with her wild past, Netflix’s recent Sex/Life has certainly got the internet talking. Though whilst the premise alone is worth fiery discussions across the world, it is one titillating scene in episode three that is proving particularly popular. 

Around 20 minutes into the show’s third episode there’s a scene where Brad (Adam Demos), the former lover of protagonist Billie (Sarah Shahi), takes a shower at the gym and without any kind of warning, turns around to reveal his bare family jewels. Lingering on the shot for a fair amount of time, it’s clear that Netflix wanted this moment to become somewhat of an internet sensation. 

It was included “for titillation’s sake”, the show’s showrunner Stacy Rukeyser said in a recent interview, as well as to demonstrate how “obsessed” Billie’s husband, Cooper (Mike Vogel) had become with her past. Although the scene also contains one glaring error of continuity. 

In episode four of the show, in a flashback, Brad gets a tattoo of two small bees at the top of his crotch, with the insects supposedly symbolising his relationship with Billie. So where were these two hovering critters during the shower scene? Such has led many fans of the show to question whether a body double or perhaps a prosthetic was used for the scene, though showrunner Rukeyser wasn’t ready to reveal any answers, stating, “I can tell you what Adam Demos says about it which is, a gentleman never tells. So, we are leaving that up to the viewer’s imagination”.

Season one (including episode three) is now available to watch on Netflix.