Millie Bobby Brown knows how ‘Stranger Things’ ends for Eleven
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Millie Bobby Brown knows how 'Stranger Things' ends for Eleven

Stranger Things fans have a long wait before the show’s fifth and final season drops to find out the fate of their favourite characters. However, Millie Bobby Brown has revealed that she knows how the story ends for her character, Eleven.

The rollout of Stranger Things has always been a waiting game. As the show relies heavily on visual effects, each season is a mammoth task, with season four requiring a $270million budget. It also calls in big names, as Winona Ryder and David Harbour are season staples, while even the kids who were once unknown actors have become some of the most sought-after names in Hollywood. So, there has always been a fair wait between seasons, but as the last season in 2022 ended on a cliffhanger, the wait until 2025 feels painfully long.

It has been known for a long time that this will be the final season of the show. Originally, the Duffer Brothers only intended to do four seasons, but as the plotline grew, they added an extra one to wrap up their characters’ stories. Fans are waiting with bated breath to see the outcome of figures like Will and Joyce Byers, Jim Hopper or the Wheeler Family.

As for Eleven, the series’ central character, who kicked it all off in season one, actor Millie Bobby Brown, already has the answers. “I haven’t read the end,” she admits when asked about the upcoming season’s script. However, she does know some secrets. 

“I know what happens to my character because I kind of forced myself into the writers’ room,” she told Capital Radio. Proving to be just as impatient as the fans themselves, she couldn’t handle the suspense.

“I messaged the directors and said, ‘Can I come over and have a meeting with you?’” she explained with a sly wink and a nod, adding, “and then there was a whiteboard.” She remains tight-lipped on what the whiteboard actually said but continued, “I saw my ending and I thought ‘ooooh’. Then I walked away very slowly.”

However, as the directing team caught Brown in the act, even she admits they could have been throwing her off. She agreed that there could be a possibility that the ending on the whiteboard was a fake to hide the true ending from her until they reached the final moments on set.

Stranger Things season five is filming right now and is said to have nine months left until officially canned. The release of the show isn’t expected until 2025, with more teasers sure to land before then.