Millie Bobby Brown delivers an emotional speech at ‘Enola Holmes 2’ premiere
(Credit: Netflix)

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Millie Bobby Brown delivers an emotional speech at ‘Enola Holmes 2’ premiere

Ahead of its November 4th, 2022, debut on Netflix, Enola Holmes 2 premiered at the Paris Theatre in New York City on October 27th, 2022. The star of the show, Millie Bobby Brown, who plays the titular character, gave an emotional speech ahead of the film screening. 

Joined by filmmaker Harry Bradbeer and co-star Henry Cavill who plays her elder brother, the dynamic detective Sherlock Holmes, Brown, clad in a pink gown with shiny embellishments, was the star of the evening as she waltzed in when Bradbeer introduced her by saying, “I need to invite someone to join us who doesn’t need too much introduction. A young woman, an amazing actress and a great friend. Every day on set, this woman took my breath away. She’s my partner in crime and my sister in this enterprise, the producer and star of Enola Holmes.” 

Brown was visibly flustered and went on to give an extremely endearing speech. 

She reflected on the challenges they faced while producing the film since they shot during the pandemic. From the cold weather to being away from family or animals, she talked about how every crew member made a “huge sacrifice” and “absolutely dedicated all their time” to make the film. She thanked them, especially the female crew members.  

Talking about the film, she said, “We wanted to see a girl be placed in this chaotic society that doesn’t suit or accommodate her and see what she does and who she meets. We wanted to stay grounded and truthful. It’d be easy to get carried away, especially in period pieces. But I have to dedicate authenticity and wealth building to our amazing director.” 

Brown reflected a little bit on her lovely equation with the director and the rest of the crew, even poking fun at Cavill’s buff body. As always, her speech contained strong messages for all the women in the world, calling them real “fighters who fight for what we believe in whether or not people believe us, and we still work with conviction that we will have whatever it is.

She honoured the real-life match-stick girls who struck in 1888 and inspired the fictionalised events of the film. “This story is based on real women, real workers, real mothers and real warriors. The matchstick girls stood up to the man and took those matchsticks, lit them a light and marched through the fire with their dignity and strength,” she concluded, leading the hall to erupt in thunderous applause. 

Based on Nancy Springer’s novels, the film duology sees Brown as the titular Enola, the ditzy yet witty sister of Sherlock who goes on adventures to prove her detective skills and leave the shadow of her famed brother. 

A classic whodunit with murders, bloodshed, mayhem and a classic fourth wall-breaking madness, Enola Holmes 2 is a delightful family watch that stars Brown, Cavill, Helena Bonham Carter, David Thewlis, Louise Partidge, Hannah Dodd, Susan Wokoma and  Sharon Duncan-Brewster among others.