Michelle Yeoh joins new Netflix gangster drama ‘The Brothers Sun’
(Credit: Rita Molnár)

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Michelle Yeoh joins new Netflix gangster drama ‘The Brothers Sun’

Michelle Yeoh has joined the cast for Netflix’s upcoming gangster drama series The Brothers Sun. The Crazy Rich Asians actress is well known for appearing in various 1990s Hong Kong action films, earning global acclaim for starring in the 1997 James Bond film, Tomorrow Never Dies and Ang Lee’s award-winning 2000 film, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

Yeoh has joined an extensive ensemble cast, including Justin Chien, Highdee Kuan, Sam Song Li and Joon Lee in the lead. Recurring roles include Jenny Yang, Madison Hu, Rodney To, Alice Jewkin and Jon Xue Zhang.

With eight riveting episodes, The Brothers Sun features an all-Asian cast and an all-Asian writers room. Set in Taiwan and Los Angeles, the series will see Chien as a ruthless Taipei gangster, Charles Sun, who must go to LA to protect his mother and innocent brother after his father’s death. 

Yeoh plays the mother, Eileen, who has built a new life for herself and her son, away from the world of crimes. Her younger son, Bruce, is unaware of his family’s notorious past. 

When Charles lands at their doorstep, Bruce finds himself in a world of turmoil and turbulence. 

Popular from Disney’s Two Sides: Unfaithful, Chien will be joined by a talented ensemble who starred in big productions. Li has starred in Better Call Saul, Juan in Fear The Night, Lee in Neh and Hewkin in The Crown

Zhang was seen in Eternals, Grace To in Parks & Recreation, Yang in Busy Tonight with Busy Phillips and Hu in The Boogeyman

The Brothers Sun will be directed by Kevin Tancharoen, known for Mortal Kombat: Rebirth, while Bryon Wu and Brad Falchuk are the co-creators and showrunners of the series.