Michelle Yeoh is “heartbroken” over ‘The Brothers Sun’ cancellation
(Credits: Netflix)

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Michelle Yeoh is "heartbroken" over 'The Brothers Sun' cancellation

In light of the Netflix comedic drama The Brothers Sun’s cancellation, Michelle Yeoh has spoken up about how “heartbroken” she was seeing the show flounder.

Taking to Instagram, Yeoh talked about how disappointed she was at the show’s end, saying, “Heartbroken… and finding it so hard to understand why… however, I am so very proud of My ‘Brothers Sun’ family and what we presented to the world. heads held high”.

The show premiered in January of 2024, following the lives of The Sun family, involving the eldest son, Charles, travelling from Taiwan to Los Angeles in order to protect his little brother and mother following his father’s assassination. Yeoh had been starring as the matriarch of the show, Eileen Sun.

News of the show’s cancellation was announced on March 1st. Although the show was a hit with both critics and viewers, the show would go from the Top 10 English-speaking series on the platform to slipping further and further with each passing week, with the viewership eventually dwindling from seven million to two million.

Yeoh’s co-star Julien Chen also posted his response to the show’s cancellation, saying, “Thank you for riding with us on this labour of love. It will take some time to digest this news, but I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your love and support for the show”.

Chen also thanked the producer for making such an inspiring story, saying, “Thank you all for your love. Without you, this wouldn’t mean nearly as much as it does. I gave everything I had to this show, and I can’t wait to do the same in the next project, whatever, whenever it may be”.

Outside of the world of television, Yeoh’s next project involves her taking on the role of Madame Morrible in the onscreen adaptation of Wicked, scheduled for release later this year.