Michelle Keegan’s expensive ‘Fool Me Once’ wardrobe
(Credit: Netflix)


Michelle Keegan's expensive ‘Fool Me Once’ wardrobe

Netflix’s latest thriller, Fool Me Once, an adaptation of Harlan Coben’s novel of the same name, became quite a sensation after it was released on the streaming platform. However, the star attraction of the series for many has been Michelle Keegan, and for many others, it has been Keegan’s character, Maya’s impeccable wardrobe.

The eight-episode series has showcased Maya Stern in an array of stunning outerwear, ranging from chic tailored wool overcoats to trendy quilted bomber jackets. Keegan’s character not only battles the dreary British weather in style but also establishes herself as a fashion icon within the show.

In the world of television and film, a character’s wardrobe can offer insights into their personality, status, and even the storyline. Keegan’s Maya in Fool Me Once effectively uses her wardrobe to enhance the overall aesthetics of the show while providing viewers with a glimpse into her character’s tastes and lifestyle.

A TikTok video posted by Caroline Shops highlighted the numerous coats and jackets Keegan wore throughout the series, sparking curiosity about the cost and variety of her character’s wardrobe. Senior Digital Style Writer of OK! magazine did a deep dive and discovered that the total bill for Michelle Keegan’s Fool Me Once outerwear collection easily amounts to an impressive £9109.20.

Maya’s wardrobe includes pieces from renowned brands such as Dolce & Gabbana, Toteme, and Burberry. Noteworthy selections from her wardrobe include the Toteme Shearling Aviator Jacket priced at £2290, the Dolce & Gabbana Wool-Blend Herringbone Coat at £2550, and the Burberry Long Chelsea Heritage Trench Coat costing a staggering £1890.

Affordable alternatives: Michelle Keegan’s Fool Me Once wardrobe

While not everyone can afford to splurge on a whopping £10k on their outerwear collection on a whim, fans of Michelle Keegan’s style are in luck. Affordable alternatives for some of Maya’s standout pieces have been tracked down.

For instance, a similar aviator jacket to the Toteme Shearling Aviator Jacket is available from Boohoo for £61, and a Topshop Herringbone Overcoat in Chocolate can be snagged for £85 in lieu of the Dolce & Gabbana Wool-Blend Herringbone Coat worth £2550. A dupe for the Karen Millen Italian Manteco Wool Maxi Double Breasted Tailored Coat can be found on ASOS for £90.

As the series continues to dominate Netflix’s top ten series charts, one thing is for sure—Michelle Keegan’s Fool Me Once wardrobe is leaving a lasting impression on both the show’s viewers and fashion enthusiasts alike.

You can watch Fool Me Once on Netflix now.