Michael Schumacher pleads for privacy in Netflix documentary
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Michael Schumacher pleads for privacy in Netflix documentary

Netflix is well-known for having produced a wide range of informative documentaries. Formula One fans were therefore absolutely ecstatic when they announced a documentary on the life of the iconic racer, Michael Schumacher, would stream on the platform on September 15th, 2021. 

The iconic German racer made his debut at the 1991 Belgian Grand Prix nearly three decades ago and went on to become one of motorsport’s landmark heroes. The documentary promises to explore the otherwise fiercely guarded life of the seven-time champion. 

The highly anticipated documentary will trace the career trajectory of the legendary German racer who debuted in the 1991 Belgian Grand Prix. The documentary will show him as a wonderful racer, loving father, doting husband and a fitness freak with a mentality to always succeed and win. 

It comes as a surprise to many to see the racer, who is otherwise fiercely guarded about his private life, finally open up. Ahead of the release of the documentary, the racer has opened up about his concerns and is desperately pleading with people to help uphold his privacy and sanctity. 

Schumacher has been incredibly tight-lipped about his career and being a record-breaking racer, he has always magically managed to avert public attention. The documentary will allegedly also show why Schumacher wanted to stay away from the prying eyes of the public during his peak. 

The documentary will also show the 2013 skiing accident that altered the trailblazing fitness expert’s life as well as showcase his opinion about fame. He says, “When I started, I always said, ‘Don’t make a star out of me. Don’t push me. I don’t want this.’”

His wife Corinna echoed his words and said that he just “wanted to do the sport” and did not like “the press, the people, all the people around him”. One of his closest friends, Jean Todt, also the President of the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile revealed how he always wanted a “normal life”. 

He said, “He had a hard time understanding why he couldn’t have that normal life”. 

He continued, “It’s true, he could sometimes be unsympathetic. Because there were so many demands on him. It was often too much and constricted him.”

Todt revealed that “he’s an extremely reserved person, shy” and defended his guarded behaviour by talking about how it “was his way of dealing with his shyness.”

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