Meghan Markle accused of crossing picket line to talk with Netflix
(Credit: Mark Jones)

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Meghan Markle accused of crossing picket line to talk with Netflix

SAG member Meghan Markle, the wife of Prince Harry, has reportedly crossed the picket line so that she could discuss making another deal with Netflix. The royal couple are said to have been interested in making their own movie.

Harry and Meghan have reportedly purchased the rights to the bestselling novel Meet Me At The Lake, and the plan is said to ask Netflix to adapt it. But with the ongoing writers and actors strike taking place, Meghan has now been accused of crossing the picket line.

UKRoyalTea, an American PR expert on the royal family, pointed out the fact that now was a terrible time for Meghan to strike up talks with Netflix about making the film. “Three years to make their first acquisition and they announce it now?” they wrote on Twitter.

They added, “Meghan, an admitted SAG member, and Harry have essentially crossed the picket line to continue making deals for one of the streaming giants that are the worst offenders of actors’ rights.”

It’s believed that the royal couple spent nearly £3million to purchase the film right to the romantic drama book Meet Me At The Lake, which was written by ex-journalist-come-author Carley Fortune.

Fortune’s novel tells of a couple who meet in their 30s, which of course plays into how Meghan and Harry themselves met. It sold over 37,000 copies during its first week on the shelves alone.

Harry and Meghan released a six-part docuseries in December 2022 on Netflix, which detailed their lives since they stopped serving as senior members of the royal family.