Maya Hawke would love to work on a ‘Stranger Things’ spin off with Joe Keery
(Credit: Netflix)


Maya Hawke would love to work on a 'Stranger Things' spin off with Joe Keery

Although the fourth season of Stranger Things has only just ended, the speculation about the show’s future is rife, as it is the pop culture phenomenon of recent times. For many fans, they are primarily concerned about one specific aspect of the show, what will happen to Maya Hawke and Joe Keery’s characters. Now, the former has revealed that she’d be open to reprising her role in the future outside of the main series. 

Hawke is clearly a true creative like her father Ethan, and is set to release her new album Moss on September 23rd. Now, in a recent interview with Rolling Stone she discussed her new music, and also revealed her hopes for the future for her Stranger Things character Robin, saying she’d like to work with Joe Keery again. 

Hawke and Keery star as Robin Buckley and Steve Harrington respectively, and their duo is one of the best-loved in the show, with their chemistry evident for all to see. They’re such good friends that it was recently revealed to NME by Keery, who is also about to release new music, that he and Hawke exchanged their new albums.

Hawke explained that whilst she’s not completely convinced about reprising her role for a Stranger Things spin-off, she would be happy to make an exception if it meant working with Keery again. 

She said: “Normally I wouldn’t really be a proponent of a spinoff, but if I got to do it with Joe Keery, I would do anything. He’s so funny and wonderful and smart, and he’s got great boundaries. He’s an excellent coworker, and I would do anything with him.”

As it stands though, the idea of a Robin/Steve spin-off looks highly unlikely, with the show’s creators, the Duffer Brothers already planning one that reportedly doesn’t follow any of the main characters of Stranger Things