Maya Hawke provides fresh update on ‘Stranger Things’ season five
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Maya Hawke provides fresh update on 'Stranger Things' season five

Stranger Things has become an unstoppable phenomenon since its initial arrival in July 2016. A seemingly niche creation of The Duffer Brothers’ fixation with Stephen King-esque macabre soon accrued a worldwide audience the moment it became available on streaming giant Netflix.

While it seems like a long wait since the season four ending left fans wondering what was next for their beloved Scooby gang, Maya Hawke recently teased at the next instalment – and it’s going to be a “wonderful” ride.

While there’s still a substantial wait before season five hits the small screen, the cast and crew have been delivering small tidbits here and there to ensure the show remains alive. Millie Bobby Brown has expressed her excitement for the next chapter, while the Duffer Brothers have shared behind-the-scenes photos in the build-up to the final curtain call.

Hawke, who plays the popular strong-willed lesbian Robin Buckley, recently shared new details about the forthcoming season, calling it “exciting” and “mind-bogglingly wonderful.” The actor admitted that she hadn’t “gotten to read the final scripts yet” and so knows “nothing about the last two episodes of the show,” but said that “what happens before then” is a guaranteed thriller.

Discussing the appeal of the final chapter, the actor told Collider “it’s always wonderful when the kind of riddle of a world that gets built starts to get resolved and questions start to be answered.” She expressed certainly that audiences will be able to share her own excitement when they finally get to see the story unravel, adding that “it’s a really emotional thing to go into filming this last season, so I’m excited.”

This aligns with Finn Wolfhard’s comments with the publication last year, after he confirmed that the new chapter “answers an insane amount of questions about the lore of Stranger Things, the world-building.” He also said that “a lot of people will be happy,” adding that the final season will “get back to the roots of why the show was so special in the first place, and why the dynamics are so special in the first place.”

According to Netflix, shooting for the final season officially kicked off in January, which is set to hit its definitive conclusion. Filming for the new season was originally planned for 2023, but the Hollywood writers’ strike resulted in a significant delay that made commencement “not possible,” according to a post written by the Duffer Brothers in May, 2023.

However, since the strike came to an amicable end, production is back on track, as signalled by a Netflix post which depicted an image of the cast and crew gathered by a red sign reading ‘5’ on, along with the caption, “THIS IS A CODE RED. Stranger Things 5 production has officially begun!”

The previous season proved to be the most popular and successful instalment yet after achieving over one billion hours of watched time on the streaming platform within its first 28 days of release. Watch the trailer for season four below.