Matthew Modine tried to “protect” Millie Bobby Brown when they worked on ‘Stranger Things’
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Matthew Modine tried to “protect” Millie Bobby Brown when they worked on 'Stranger Things'

Matthew Modine has spoken about his experience working with the young cast of Stranger Things during the early series. The veteran actor has said when he worked closely with Millie Bobby Brown, he tried to protect her from the “rollercoaster” of fame. 

When Modine took on the role of the nefarious Dr Martin Brenner, he wanted to be far more of a protective father figure than the Papa he is depicted as in the show and help to guide the then-11-year-old Brown through the pitfalls of fame. 

Modine told the Guardian: “My desire was to protect her. When I was a young actor, if you had a show that was successful in 20 or 30 territories around the world, that would be unbelievable. Netflix is more than 190 territories.”

This makes the prospect of fame almost inescapable for the teen stars. Thus, he tried to be a guiding influence. As he added: “What Millie and her generation have been exposed to through streaming is a kind of celebrity and power and reach that’s bigger than anything in the entertainment industry before.”

Continuing: “It’s a rollercoaster: there’s ups and downs. The adoration and the love are not real, it’s for something that you’ve created and it can be devastating.”

With the show now bigger than ever and season five on the way, helping the young stars navigate the minefield of fame in the social media age is invaluable.