Matt LeBlanc and Courteney Cox share emotional tributes to Matthew Perry
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Matt LeBlanc and Courteney Cox share emotional tributes to Matthew Perry

The Friends community continues to mourn the loss of Matthew Perry, with his co-stars Courteney Cox and Matt LeBlanc sharing emotional tributes on social media.

In his poignant Instagram post, Matt LeBlanc, who portrayed the handsome goof of the friend group, Joey Tribbiani, bid farewell with a heavy heart, reminiscing about the cherished moments they shared. “The times we had together are honestly among the favorite times of my life,” LeBlanc wrote. 

He acknowledged the honour of sharing the stage with Perry, emphasising their bond. “I will always smile when I think of you, and I’ll never forget you. Never,” LeBlanc wrote before cheekily ending his note with “And I guess you’re keeping the 20 bucks you owe me.”

Courteney Cox, who played Monica Geller, shared a clip of Chandler and Monica on their first rendezvous as a couple in London. She revealed that it was supposed to be just a fling between their characters, but audience love made sure that their relationship transformed into the love story it became on the show.

Cox expressed gratitude for every moment spent with Perry and the void his absence has left, “I am so grateful for every moment I had with you Matty and I miss you every day.” 

She delved into a behind-the-scenes anecdote, “When you work with someone as closely as I did with Matthew, there are thousands of moments I wish I could share. For now here’s one of my favorites.

To give a little backstory, Chandler and Monica were supposed to have a one night fling in London. But because of the audience’s reaction, it became the beginning of their love story.

In this scene, before we started rolling, he whispered a funny line for me to say. He often did things like that. He was funny and he was kind.”

The joint statement released by the Friends cast last month described Perry’s death as an “unfathomable loss,” highlighting his brilliance, humour, and selflessness. Cox and LeBlanc’s individual tributes further show the profound impact Perry had on their lives, both on and off the screen.

As the Friends fandom continues to navigate the loss, Matthew Perry’s legacy lives on through the joy he shared and the charity work he did.