Mark Wahlberg and Kevin Hart to headline new Netflix comedy ‘Me Time’
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Mark Wahlberg and Kevin Hart to headline new Netflix comedy 'Me Time'

Netflix’s upcoming comedy film Me Time is set to star Hollywood stars Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg in leading roles. 

Directed by John Hamburg, well-known for Why Him? and Along Came Polly, the film will revolve around Hart’s character, a stay-at-home father who is constantly on the run. He suddenly finds some “me time” to himself while his family is away and decides to make the most of it by reconnecting with his former best friend.

In walks Wahlberg, and a wild and chaotic weekend of fun ensues that nearly disrupts Hart’s peaceful life. 

The film is being produced by Hamburg in collaboration with HartBeat Productions. Patricia Braga, Joe Gatta, Mark Moran and Lauren Hennessey will be serving as executive producers. 

The film marks the beginning of a lucrative production deal that Netflix struck with HartBeat Productions and will feature Hart in four films. 

For the two-time Oscar nominee Wahlberg, this film will mark his blossoming relationship with Netflix following their previous March 2020 collaboration on the comedy action flick Spenser Confidential which performed quite well. 

Wahlberg will next be seen in Uncharted, besides Arthur the King. he is done with the production of the drama named Stu, which has not yet revealed the release date. 

Although this is Wahlberg’s first time collaborating with Hart, the duo seems dynamic and comedic and quite well-suited. Given their epic sense of humour, it is not hard to imagine the kind of antics they could be up to. 

We are eagerly waiting to see a wild Wahlberg disrupt his devoted family man of a friend’s life and finally show him what it is like to have some “me time”.