Listen to the full ‘Baby Reindeer’ soundtrack
(Credit: Netflix)


Listen to the full ‘Baby Reindeer’ soundtrack

Baby Reindeer has racked up an impressive amount of views since it was released on Netflix on April 11th, making its way to the top of the streamer’s most-watched charts in the United Kingdom.

The seven-part series is based on lead actor and creator Richard Gadd’s real-life experiences with a woman who continuously harassed him in all corners of his life. Just as his character, Donny, is visited by ‘Martha’ at work every day, sent hundreds of emails in a row, and even sexually assaulted by her, the same really happened to Gadd. 

While Gadd was trying to make it as a comedian in London, the real Martha, whose real name has been kept secret, became scarily obsessed with him and did all she could to communicate with him.

Gadd revealed the extensive ways she tried to contact him in an interview with Netflix: “41,071 emails, 350 hours of voicemail, 744 tweets, 46 Facebook messages, four fake Facebook accounts, 106 pages of letters and one cup of tea.” 

The series is vulnerable and refreshingly honest, with Gadd highlighting the ways that he allowed Martha to get closer to him during a time of extreme loneliness, even accepting her Facebook friend request after he discovered she had been convicted for stalking in the past. 

Baby Reindeer features many popular pieces of music, which often play during climatic moments, their lyrics mirroring the events on screen. There is also an original score composed by Evgueni and Sacha Galperine. 

Discover the entire soundtrack to Baby Reindeer below. 

Baby Reindeer soundtrack:

Episode 1

  • ‘Love Is the Drug’ – Roxy Music
  • ‘You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me’ – Dusty Springfield
  • ‘Sweet Dreams (Of You)’ – Patsy Cline
  • ‘Helen Fry’ – The Felice Brothers
  • ‘Happy Together’ – The Turtles

Episode 2 

  • ‘I Talk to the Wind’ – King Crimson
  • ‘My Name Is Trouble’ – Keren Ann
  • ‘Yellow Pearl’ – Phil Lynott
  • ‘Cars’ – Gary Numan
  • ‘Smalltown Boy’ – Bronski Beat
  • ‘A Soft Seduction’ – David Byrne

Episode 3

  • ‘I Go to Sleep’ – Peggy Lee
  • ‘Matelot’ – The Renegades
  • ‘Alone Again (Naturally)’ – Gilbert O’Sullivan
  • ‘Venus’ – Shocking Blue
  • ‘Pleasant Street’ – Tim Buckley
  • ‘Come Wander with Me’ – Jeff Alexander
  • ‘Sposa son disprezzata’ – Oya Ergün

Episode 4

  • ‘I’ll Come Running (to Tie Your Shoe)’ – Brian Eno
  • ‘Catch the Wind’ – Donovan
  • ‘Spread Your Love’ – Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
  • ‘Teacher’ – Jethro Tull
  • ‘Serenade für Streicher, Op. 22, B. 52: III. Scherzo: Vivace’ – Antonín Dvořák, Josef Suk, Jaroslav krček
  • ‘One’ – Harry Nilsson

Episode 5

  • ‘Never My Love’ – The Association
  • ‘Angel of the Morning’ – Evie Sands

Episode 6 

  • ‘Rainy Day’ – Susan Christie
  • ‘Waiting’ – Alice Boman
  • ‘Moon in the Mind’ – Ed Askew

Episode 7

  • ‘If Not for You’ – George Harrison
  • ‘Sol Levante’ – Laura Masotto, Mari Samuelsen, Scoring Berlin
  • ‘Gobaith’ – Catrin Finch, Seckou Keita
  • ‘Life Story’ – Ólafur Arnalds, Nils Frahm
  • ‘Farewell, Farewell’ – Fairport Convention