Lionel Messi’s Copa America Final team talk revealed in Netflix documentary
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Lionel Messi's Copa America Final team talk revealed in Netflix documentary

For a while now, Amazon Prime has been leading the way in terms of sports documentaries. Now, Netflix wants a piece of the action and they’ve captured the certified GOAT, Lionel Messi, in a new light with a brilliant new sports doc.

The beauty for many fans is that these expose a side of sports stars and the inner workings that we’re not usually privy to. Messi might be the greatest sports star of all time, but he still seems to cut a shy and retiring figure from the outside looking in.

However, a Netflix documentary on Argentina’s run in the Copa America competition illuminates a different side to the poetry-in-motion player as he steps forward to deliver a rousing speech.

The series titled Sean eternos: Campeones de America (Be eternal: Champions of South America), sees Messi take to the dressing room floor and announce: “Forty-five days without seeing our families, boys. We had an objective and we’re one small step away from achieving it.”

If that’s enough to get your hairs standing on end, he then continues: “There’s no such thing as coincidence, boys. Do you know what? This trophy was meant to be played in Argentina and God brought it here.”

He continues: “God brought it here so that we could lift it in the Maracana, boys, so that it could be more beautiful for everyone. So let’s go out with confidence and calm because we’re bringing this one home.”

It’s hardly a spoiler to say that they then went on to claim the trophy. And with this side of Argentina team now revealed, there will be many thinking that they might be able to lift the World Cup this December too.

The series is set to premiere on Netflix from tomorrow. You can check out a clip of his speech below.