Kristen Bell apologises to fan over raunchy Netflix sex scene
(Credit: Netflix)

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Kristen Bell apologises to fan over raunchy Netflix sex scene

Kristen Bell has been enjoying incredible success ever since the release of her exhaustingly-titled Netflix film The Woman in the House Across the Street From the Girl in the Window. A spoof of the psychological thriller genre, the actress is seen as a child psychologist, Anna who is ombrophobic and reeling under the grief of losing her daughter to a gruesome accident. 

Having separated from her husband, Anna is lonely and drowns her sorrow in wine-fuelled pill binge and making sad casseroles. 

However, she soon befriends her new neighbour and his young daughter who are, according to her, hiding a terrible secret. Anna swears that she sees a murder happening at their place across the street, setting the tempo for the thrilling series infused with dark comedy. 

In one of the episodes, QAnna imagines herself having raunchy sex with the neighbour, played by Tom Reilly. 

A Netflix viewer jokingly took to Twitter to complain about the awkwardness of the situation when they had to sit through the scene with their mother and girlfriend. Bell, finding it hilarious, replied to the Tweet and apologised for it. 

Parodying the usual archetypes of psychological thrillers, especially ones like The Woman in the Window starring Amy Adams or The Girl on the Train starring Emily Blunt, the film is now reigning Netflix’s Top 10 charts ever since its release. 

Created by Michael Lehmann, the series has received divisive opinions. You can now watch the eight-episode series on Netflix today.