K-Pop rom-com ‘Somewhere Only We Know’ set for Netflix release
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K-Pop rom-com ‘Somewhere Only We Know’ set for Netflix release

A romantic comedy set in the world of K-Pop has been picked up by the streaming giant Netflix. 

The movie, Somewhere Only We Know, is an adaptation of Maurene Goo’s novel of the same name and it is set to be penned by Lana Cho, known for her work on the Hulu series remake Four Weddings and a Funeral scripts. 

The press release for the picture sets the stakes high by likening the project to a cross between the romantic classics Roman Holiday and Before Sunrise. The plot of the picture revolves around a relationship between a K-Pop superstar and a tabloid photographer, in the backdrop of Hong Kong. 

The project is being produced by Escape Artists studios with Maurene Goo and David Bloomfield taking on executive producer roles. 

With the project only revealed last week via The Hollywood Reporter, no casting announcements have yet been made, but already names from BTS are circulating on online forums in the rumour mill. 

With the project still very much in the early stages, it is also unclear when Netflix hopes to release the project and whether Lana Cho will just be on script duties or is also directing the project. More is expected in the coming weeks. 

For now, you can check out the streaming services previous K-pop venture, the documentary BLACKPINK: Light Up the Sky below.