Joseph Quinn aces ‘Master of Puppets’ in rare ‘Stranger Things’ footage
(Credit: Netflix)

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Joseph Quinn aces 'Master of Puppets' in rare 'Stranger Things' footage

In his first Stranger Things season, Joseph Quinn earned himself a beloved fanbase as the quirky new character Eddie. Now, he is even proving that behind the scenes he is just as off the wall, in a good way, obviously.

In a post shared by the ever-growing Stranger Things writers account, Quinn took a short break from filming to smash out a superb guitar rendition of Metalica’s classic 1986 hit ‘Master of Puppets’.

Without delving into spoilers, the song itself forms a key part of the series, but you could easily be fooled into thinking that it isn’t actually Quinn rattling off the perfectly frenzied rendition when the stand-off goes down, and clearly, some editing trickery is going down. 

However, the BTS footage captioned ‘practice makes perfect’ clearly shows that Quinn is as talented with a fender under his arm as he is in front of a camera or dark creature. 

The Twitter account that posted it now has a whopping 1.2 million followers which is a clear indication of just how widespread the love for the show is. Beyond the record-breaking feats of season four, the fact that a simple social media has already amassed eight million views in 17 hours is a sign of just how interstellar Stranger Things has become. 

You can watch Quinn blitz through the vintage heavy rock anthem below. It is, as you’d expect, absolutely epic.