Joe Rogan’s first comedy special in years coming to Netflix event
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Joe Rogan’s first comedy special in years coming to Netflix event

Love him or hate him, Joe Rogan has showcased himself to be a man of many talents, and he’ll be dusting off his stand-up comedy chops when his first live special in six years airs exclusively on Netflix.

Starting off his career as an actor, at one stage Rogan was signed to an exclusive development deal with Disney, something it’s hard to imagine happening today. Beginning from 1997, he started working with the Ultimate Fighting Championship as an interviewer and co-commentator before hosting the game show Fear Factor for five years. Once he departed, though, he began focusing more on his comedy routines.

By 2009 he’d launched podcast The Joe Rogan Experience, which has evolved into one of the most popular podcasts on the planet, with Spotify shelling out $200million to secure the distribution rights, a contract that was renewed in 2024 for an even heftier sum of $250million.

Despite millions upon millions of listeners tuning in for every episode, Rogan has hardly been averse to controversy. His support for gun rights, welcoming of guests who willingly spread misinformation, and sharing of discredited claims have turned him into a divisive figure, which only means his upcoming Netflix special is going to get people talking.

Rogan will film the show at the Majestic Theatre in San Antonio as part of a new string of live events being hosted and distributed by the streaming service, with Chris Rock and Katt Williams also scheduled to take part.

Titled Burn the Boats, it marks Rogan’s third hourlong special for Netflix and his first since 2018’s Strange Times, which was preceded by 2016’s Triggered. Thanks to his combination of appeal and notoriety, it stands to reason that it’s going to be one of the most-watched shows of the platform’s incoming comedy season.

After all, Netflix boasts more than 200 million subscribers worldwide and Spotify’s data revealed in March 2024 The Joe Rogan Experience averages over 14 million listeners per episode, so there’s a huge amount of crossover there to make an inevitability that Burn the Boats draws in a huge audience.

In the teaser accompanying the announcement, Rogan tells his audience; “Don’t get mad at me, you knew why you came here,” so it stands to reason he’s not going to take to the stage wearing kid gloves. Burn the Boats will air on Netflix at 10pm EST on Saturday, August 3rd.