Jimmy Carr sparks fury with disgusting Holocaust comments in Netflix special
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Jimmy Carr sparks fury with disgusting Holocaust comments in Netflix special

What’s with celebrities and their ignorant, uninformed and frankly racist comments regarding the Holocaust? After Whoopi Goldberg was suspended from her show by ABC news for making a comment regarding the same, racist remarks made by Jimmy Carr in his comedy special have resurfaced on social media, causing a significant outrage.

In his latest Netflix stand-up special, titled His Dark Material, comedian Jimmy Carr has sparked immense fury for including a routine about the Holocaust. 

Although the comedy special began streaming on Netflix on December 25th, 2021, the clip containing his despicable comments regarding the Holocaust started circulating on social media recently. 

With his comments being described as “truly disturbing”, Carr is seen making light of the terrible murders of hundreds and thousands of people during the Second World War. The comments left the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust “absolutely appalled” while culture secretary Nadine Dorries classified Carr’s comments as “abhorrent” that should not be broadcast on television. 

Carr had, in a moment of pseudo-self-awareness, proclaimed the special to be a “career-ender” that would touch upon “terrible things”. In a moment of absolute ignorance and malevolent stupidity, he said that the “positives” of the shocking genocidal event was that many Gypsies were murdered. 

His comments generated laughter and applause from the set audience, making it even more disturbing. 

The Nazis and collaborators, according to the Holocaust Day Memorial Trust, murdered staggering numbers of Roma and Sinti people, besides carrying out various forms of biological experiments, mass sterilisation, confining them to labour camps and ultimately exterminating them based on their identity. 

Comedy is meant to be offensive but not at the expense of the mass suffering of victims of genocide. Carr’s comments were cruel, racist and in such bad faith that they also exposed the mentality of the audience who guffawed at his disgusting proclamations. 

Having made fun of the horrors of the Holocaust, Netflix has been asked to remove the special. However, neither the streamer nor the comedian has commented on the same.