Jerry Seinfeld teases potential ‘Seinfeld’ reunion
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Jerry Seinfeld teases potential 'Seinfeld' reunion

Fans of Seinfeld can look forward to a potential reunion, which Jerry Seinfeld has teased during a recent stand-up performance. 

Appearing at Boston’s Wang Theatre, the show’s co-creator and protagonist discussed “something” which will occur in the future regarding the show’s finale. 

Seinfeld ended in 1998 after airing for 180 episodes. The two-part finale ended with some of the main characters on trial after they accidentally break a duty to rescue law. Over 76million people tuned in to watch the ending of the beloved comedy, which was written by Larry David, who returned after leaving the series a few years before.

At Seinfeld’s stand-up show, someone asked him his opinion on the finale, which he has previously criticised. “Well, I have a little secret for you about the ending. But I can’t really tell it because it is secret,” he replied.

“Here’s what I’ll tell you, OK, but you can’t tell anybody. Something is going to happen that has to do with that ending. Hasn’t happened yet,” Seinfeld added. 

Then, he teased, “And just what you are thinking about, Larry and I have also been thinking about it. So you’ll see, we’ll see.” 

Speaking at the New Yorker Festival in 2017, Seinfeld revealed his regret over the final episode, “I sometimes think we really shouldn’t have even done it.”