New Jerry Seinfeld Pop-Tart movie coming to Netflix
(Credit: Alan Light)

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New Jerry Seinfeld Pop-Tart movie coming to Netflix

With what can surely only be described as some of the worst years in modern history, it’s fair to say that the world is after some light relief and some escapism from our bleak covid-ridden reality. Step-in legendary comedian Jerry Seinfeld, who is set to make a feature film with Netflix all about Pop-tarts. 

Seinfeld will direct, produce and star in Unfrosted, a film he has co-written with fellow Seinfeld writer Spike Feresten and comedian Barry Marder. Speaking about the new release Seinfeld commented, “Stuck at home watching endless sad faces on TV, I thought this would be a good time to make something based on pure silliness,” he noted. Adding, “So we took my Pop-Tart stand-up bit from my last Netflix special and exploded it into a giant, crazy comedy movie”.

Originating from a joke he told on stage about the invention of the sweet snack, the new film comes as a part of the comedians lucrative deal with Netflix established in 2017 that also brought his series Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee, and stand up specials Jerry Before Seinfeld and 23 Hours To Kill to the streaming service. 

In addition to this, Netflix has also made a global deal to stream episodes of Seinfeld for five years, with all 180 episodes of the award-winning sitcom soon to be available on the platform. 

During a recent interview in 2015, Seinfeld discussed his frustrations with political correctness in modern comedy, stating, “I don’t play colleges, but I hear a lot of people tell me, ‘Don’t go near colleges. They’re so PC’”. Seinfeld commented that college students don’t understand racism and sexism, “they just want to use these words: ‘That’s racist;’ ‘That’s sexist;’ ‘That’s prejudice.’ They don’t even know what the f—k they’re talking about”.

Production for the new film is set to start in spring 2022.