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Jenna Ortega discusses taking inspiration from Christina Ricci for Wednesday Addams

Over the years, Wednesday Addams has had a few iconic incarnations, but few live as long in modern memory as Christina Ricci’s portrayal. This left Jenna Ortega with big shoes to fill when moving into the role for the new Netflix series, so she used her as a source of inspiration. 

In fact, Ricci – who played her in 1991 – was even on set for all eight episodes of filming for Wednesday. Naturally, this made the 20-year-old Ortega pretty nervous, but, ultimately, she was happy to have her there. 

“I felt the script was written very reminiscent of her Wednesday, and audiences already know and love Wednesday, [so] I don’t think I could have strayed too far with the character. Otherwise, it would have been a disgrace or offensive or something like that,” Ortega said. 

Adding: “I really love [Ricci’s] iteration and that idea for Wednesday, but then [I was] adding a bit of other qualities and mannerisms or reactions that push the character arc throughout the season.”

“It was weird, for sure. I remember when they told me [Christina would be on set], I think my heart fell just out of pure panic. But fortunately, she’s a really cool lady, and we got along really well,” but in the end, they barely even talked about the character together and just had a ball. 

Wednesday, the new Tim Burton-directed series is now available to stream.