Jeffrey Dahmer series ‘Monster’ debuts at number one
(Credit: Netflix)

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Jeffrey Dahmer series ‘Monster’ debuts at number one

Our true crime obsession shows no signs of slowing down. As soon as you knew Netflix were planning a new series on Jeffrey Dahmer, you got the hint that it might be a hit. Now, Monster has simply smashed its way to number one. 

The series starring Evan Peters as the sickening serial killer has already racked up 196.2 million hours of viewing in its first week of being available to stream. That proved more than enough to dislodge Cobra Kai from its perch. 

Usually, it only takes around 65-75 million viewing hours to take the top spot when Netflix isn’t enjoying a new series spike, thus, you get the impression of just how much of a triumph Monster has proved.

Part of the success is certainly based on. the modern true crime craze, but this was further fuelled when headlines about viewers being unable to watch the sickening scenes unfold added to its appeal. 

As Netflix cites: “On July 22, 1991, two police officers entered the Milwaukee apartment of Jeffrey Dahmer. Inside, they found several body parts and severed heads in his fridge and freezer, as well as countless polaroids of mutilated bodies.”

Continuing: “Dahmer was arrested and later confessed to gruesomely murdering at least 17 people, mostly young gay men of colour, during a 13-year killing spree that started in 1978.”

This grisly tale of Dahmer’s decrepit psychology will form the backbone of the forthcoming series, as it investigates how he got away with it for so long and the dark factors that fuelled him. 

You can check out the dark trailer below.