Jamie Foxx targeted in $40,000 scam on set of new Netflix movie
(Credit: Netflix)

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Jamie Foxx targeted in $40,000 scam on set of new Netflix movie

Production on the forthcoming Netflix movie Back in Action ground to a halt earlier this week after someone working on the project tried to involve star Jamie Foxx in a $40,000 scam. Foxx is set to appear in the high-budget movie alongside Cameron Diaz, who has returned to acting after a nine-year hiatus.

According to The Sun, the employee who targeted Foxx may have been party to historic scams involving wealthy A-listers. It appears production on Back in Action has been halted temporarily while police investigate the scam and ensure the cast is safe on set. 

“This film has been a bit of a nightmare,” an anonymous source told The Sun. They cited poor weather as another factor affecting filming progress on set in London. 

“One staffer has been sacked, and there are investigations after someone tried to get access to £33,000 in cash from Jamie Foxx,” the source claimed. “It sounds as though they tried to offer up a Rolex watch as part of the deal, but now there’s an investigation into everything going on.”

On Monday, The Daily Mail also reported that Cameron Diaz had voiced concerns over the wayward project. The slow-moving and problematic project marks the There’s Something About Mary actor’s first movie role in nine years as she returns from a career hiatus. Diaz’s last project before her hiatus was 2014’s Annie

The Daily Mail also reported that Foxx had a meltdown that led to the firing of three people on set.