Jackie Chan names his favourite film streaming on Netflix
(Credit: Firdaus Latif)


Jackie Chan names his favourite film streaming on Netflix

Jackie Chan and comical action stunts go hand in hand. Well-known for infusing his well-timed comedic genius into insane action sequences and inducing a tirade of laughter, Jackie Chan is trained in Hapkido and Kung Fu. a veteran in the acting industry with over 150 films to his name since the 1960s, Chan’s influence is unparalleled in gaping the bridge between the East and the West. 

Born to Chinese Civil War refugees, Chan led an impoverished life. However, he was a child actor who appeared in films from the age of five and even served as the stuntman on Bruce lee’s film sets at seventeen. 

Chan earned his breakthrough in Snake in the Wagle’s Shadow. His ingenious idea to blend humour with kung fu was well-received in the Hong Kong film industry due to the refreshing perspective. 

However, the western audience began noticing him with films like The Big Brawl and The Cannon Ball. With The Young Master, Chan broke Lee’s records and became a cinematic superstar in Hong Kong. 

An absolute cultural icon, Jackie Chan has established a legendary legacy. When asked about his favourite films, the actor chose from a wide range of genres. From The Sound of Music to his own 1985 film Police Story, the veteran actor also expressed his love for Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park. One such film is now streaming on Netflix. 

Directed by Chan in 1985, Police Story sees a virtuous and good-hearted police officer Sergeant Chan Ka-Kui (Kevin/Jackie Chan in some versions) turns into a ruthless drug crimelord named Chor Yuen who is angered and seeks revenge. 

Chan’s name gets tainted when he is framed for the alleged murder of his fellow cop who was caught in the crossfire. He is forced to stand at crossroads where he must not only clear his name and restore his reputation as the model cop but also keep his possessive girlfriend from leaving him over a series of misunderstandings. 

With a hoard of action sequences that include cars throttling downhill and Jackie hanging from the side of a double-decker bus using an umbrella and many more, this film sees a powerhouse of a performance from Jackie Chan. 

It was a massive success in Asia and has spawned various sequels. Although the premise is dark with certain comedic elements infused in, Chan’s directorial feature sees him at his finest, with top-notch comic timing and action choreography; he goes all out to play the character of this cop who is determined to clear his name. 

Chan also validated his action films by saying, “I think it’s one of the best action films ever made.”

Watch Police Story on Netflix today.