Is there a sequel to ‘The School For Good and Evil’ on the way?
(Credit: Helen Sloan/Netflix)


Is there a sequel to 'The School For Good and Evil' on the way?

This fantasy and drama film has just been released on Netflix and has been trending since. The School For Good and Evil is based on the pit of every fairytale. Where do all the fairytales begin, indeed? The story encircles the lives of two friends, Sophie (Sophia Anne Caruso) and Agatha (Sofia Wylie), who have been placed on opposing sides at their new and enchanting school.

The aim? School for good and evil has been made to train epic heroes and villains who maintain the balance of the universe. The balance between good and evil. Based on Soman Chainani’s book of the same name, the film covers the first out of the six-part series. Alongside this, the film ended with a massive cliffhanger. Wherein the School Master’s dagger has been sent to Sophie and Agatha’s home at Gavaldon.

Thus definitely hinting at The School For Good and Evil 2. As the streamer’s production team decided to stick to the film’s original plot, it can be deduced that part two will be based on the sequel to the first in the series. The film also outdid its costume production alongside creating an awe-inspiring visual environment. Here are some of the best looks on their official account posted on Instagram.

The film is jam-packed yet has been presented beautifully. With a rich plot and building context, the film did the best it could do under Paul Feig’s direction. A sequel is definitely incoming to tie up all those loose ends we are left with in the first part of the franchise.

Especially to explore Agatha’s budding relationship with her peer Tedros (Jamie Flatters). Also, the developments when it comes to the former duo’s magical powers are found in the new school. There are an array of possible developments possible. 

In one of the interview specials with Entertainment Weekly, Director Paul Feig mentioned that he wished to build the movie into a franchise alongside the books. The first film followed a shooting schedule from January to July, and if the sequel chooses the same shooting schedule, it starts filming next year. Other easter eggs that hint at the sequel include the narrator’s (Cate Blanchett) claim, “This was only the beginning”. Thus, we can conclude that we are miles away from reaching Sophie and Agatha’s conclusion. 

The audience is in love with the magical realism that the film brings to us without making the plot weak, which is often the genre’s problem. Therefore, if you have not watched the film, do not miss the hype train. Because the hype is real, and you are the one missing out.

Add The School For Good and Evil to your watchlist now. Check out the trailer for the film here. You can also watch the film on Netflix here