Is the most-watched Netflix thriller ‘Nowhere’ based on a true story?
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Is the most-watched Netflix thriller 'Nowhere' based on a true story?

Directed by Albert Pintó, the Spanish film Nowhere is currently the most-watched survival thriller on the Netflix US chart. It may have the critics divided but has nestled right behind the Benecio del Toro and Alicia Silverstone murder mystery Reptile.

Starring Anna Castillo and Tamar Novas, Nowhere has taken the Netflix world by storm. With a gripping narrative and intense performances, it has swiftly climbed the ranks to secure the number two spot on Netflix’s top ten movies in the US list. 

This Spanish dystopian thriller is captivating audiences worldwide. Set in an alternate timeline where Spain is governed by a totalitarian government, Nowhere has strains of the ongoing migrant crisis splashed all over it.

The story has left viewers wondering—is this cinematic rollercoaster based on a true story?

What is the Netflix thriller Nowhere about?

The Spanish drama Nowhere revolves around the harrowing journey of Mia (played by Anna Castillo), a pregnant woman, and her partner Nico (portrayed by Tamar Novas). Fleeing a totalitarian regime in a dystopian version of Spain, the couple attempts to escape aboard a cargo ship. Tragically, they are forcibly separated, setting the stage for Mia’s solo struggle for survival.

The film’s plot seems eerily familiar, drawing a parallel to the ongoing migrant crisis in Europe, where countless people embark on perilous journeys in search of refuge and freedom daily. This uncanny resemblance has prompted many to question whether Nowhere is grounded in reality.

Is Nowhere based on a true story?

Contrary to understandable speculation, Nowhere is not based on any individual true story. It is a work of fiction crafted by a team of talented screenwriters, including Ernest Riera, Miguel Ruz, Indiana Lista, Seanne Winslow, and Teresa Rosendoy. The screenplay is based on a story by Lista.

While the movie may not be a factual account, its creators have clearly sought inspiration from real-life migrant crisis. But the world depicted in Nowhere is unmistakably fictional, depicting a Spain embroiled in a fictional war and dominated by a totalitarian regime. Nevertheless, the film serves as a stark reminder of the very real struggles faced by migrants in search of a better life, seeking refuge in Europe today.