Is Sally McNeil from Netflix’s Killer Sally’ still in prison?
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Is Sally McNeil from Netflix's Killer Sally' still in prison?

Killer Sally is Netflix’s newest star for their hottest current genre, true crime. The show highlights the most notorious crime in the world of bodybuilding. They are encircling around the killing of infamous bodybuilder Ray McNeil. Along with the details of his death, the show also covers the one-year-long trial convicting his partner Sally McNeil for murder. 

After being married for eight long years, on Valentine’s Day of the year 1995, Sally shot her husband brutally in light of self-defence. Or so she claimed. The show unravels the same way the case does. In the beginning, the producers give viewers more context to Ray and his violent demeanour. Ray was troubled, and there was no doubt of that.

Ray was an unstable and unhappy man. Unhappy with his job, his place in the world and his relationship with Sally. Ray’s frustration with his career also gained traction in the beginning interviews. He abused his children and his wife and began taking his professional frustration out domestically. 

Eventually, viewers are also made aware of how Sally also had temper issues. She was violent as an individual. Following years of abuse, she claimed she acted in the plight of self-defence as she feared Ray was going to kill her. The beatings allegedly took place in front of their children, which the kids agreed to. However, they also agreed that the relationship between their parents was getting worse. 

Ray’s friends claimed he was going to walk out of the marriage and leave Sally for someone else he found himself growing closer to. Sally was convicted for murdering her partner Ray in cold blood and making it seem like self-defence. The show highlights real clips of Sally and her children while they were being interrogated.

Upon investigation, there were several moments during which Sally did not act like a person in shock. She was not behaving the way one does when they are wrongly convicted. 

Overall, the show keeps you navigating the edges of your seat whilst the case unravels. A must-watch for true crime lovers out there. As for the biggest question of the hour, where is Sally McNeil now? She was released from the Central California Women’s Facility in the summer of 2020 after finishing her sentence. She was sentenced to 25 years in prison for the crime she committed.  

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