Insights into Netflix’s brand new documentary on Michael Schumacher
(Credit: Netflix)

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Insights into Netflix's brand new documentary on Michael Schumacher

Netflix is known for its wide range of documentaries based on a variety of subjects that are extremely intriguing and informative. According to their tweet on July 30, 2021, on September 15, 2021, the streaming giant is set to release the much-coveted documentary, Schumacher, based on the life of the legendary Formula One racer Michael Schumacher.

The documentary is made even more exciting by the subject. Schumacher isn’t just one of the most famous racing drivers in the sport’s history but he has guarded his personal life fiercely across the decades.  

Schumacher had made his racing debut in the 1991 Belgian Grand Prix nearly three decades back and, since then, has established himself as one of the greatest racing drivers of all time. Having won five times consecutively, he has broken several records and is celebrated for his perseverance and relentless determination to push his car to the limits to win the race by doing unimaginably fast laps at crucial junctures.

He was also known for his trailblazing fitness activities and strict health regime. Post-retirement, however, a freak yet severe skiing accident in 2013 left this icon injured and he continues to be at home, recovering from his injuries. 

This eagerly-awaited documentary shall reportedly trace this German legend’s career as he rose through the ranks. From beginning his racing career by karting in Kerpen-Horrem to finally being inducted into the Formula One racing and going on to bag his seventh title the documentary shall provide an intimate insight into Schumacher’s life, supported by interviews from his family, including his wife Corinna, children, Gina and Mick, his friends, rivals and team.

The documentary shall also include footage of his brother Ralf, FIA chief Jean Todt, Luca di Montezemolo, the former Ferrari chief, former F1 head, Bernie Ecclestone as well as F1 drivers, including Sebastian Vettel, Mika Hakkinen, David Coulthard, Flavio Briatore among others. 

The documentary promises to showcase a variety of unseen footage from the archives that shall provide the viewers with an idea of Schumacher’s “multi-layered personality”. The documentary is supposed to focus on “both worlds” of Schumacher’s, including his family and personal life that he was very protective of. It is said to be “his family’s gift to their beloved husband and father.”

The much-guarded former F1 driver shall reportedly speak about himself quite openly as well, for the first time.

His long-time manager Sabrine Kehm had a lot to say about the upcoming documentary, stating how he “has redefined the professional image of a racing driver and has set new standards”. The documentary shall showcase how Schumacher’s “quest for perfection” has pushed him, as well as his team, “to the greatest successes”. It shall also, according to Kehm, highlight Schumacher has always built a wall between his private and public life to “preserve his private sphere as a source of strength”. 

September 15, 2021, shall be momentous as the world shall finally gain insight into the life and career of the German F1 icon, Michael Schumacher.