Idris Elba and Rebecca Ferguson eyeing up Netflix movie
(Credits: Best of Netflix / YouTube Still / Harald Krichel)

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Idris Elba and Rebecca Ferguson eyeing up Netflix movie

As Kathryn Bigelow begins to line up her next movie for Netflix, high-profile actors Idris Elba and Rebecca Ferguson have registered their interest in starring roles. At present, nothing is confirmed, but the two-time Academy Award-winning director hopes to make a profound comeback following her latest movie, 2017’s Detroit

Currently, Bigelow has opted not to detail the specific roles she’s casting for. However, recent reports claim that the movie is to be set at the White House during a period of existential crisis for the US. 

Bigelow’s latest movie, Detroit, was nominated for several awards and received high praise for the acting talents of John Boyega, Will Poulter, and Kaitlyn Dever, Bigelow’s direction, and Mark Boal’s screenplay. At this moment in time, details about the production team and the plotline are under wraps.

Netflix was the first to announce Bigelow’s return during its first in-person Upfront presentation in New York. During the event, actor Kate Hudson described the Upfront presentation as an environment in which “we convince advertisers that our shows are cool, so they want to partner with us.” 

During the event, Bigelow’s as-yet-untitled movie received plenty of attention. The project is a fresh start for the American filmmaker, who made the difficult decision to wipe the slate clean and return to the drawing board after abandoning a proposed adaptation of David Koepp’s novel Aurora

According to a new report from Deadline, Elba, who has recently starred in the Paramount+ miniseries Sonic the Hedgehog, and Ferguson, who stars in Apple TV’s sci-fi drama Silo, are hot favourites earmarked for Bigelow’s cast. 

Although Elba is British, his track record has shown a seamless ability to portray the American accent. This was most famously exhibited during his run as Stringer Bell in the blockbusting US drama The Wire. Who knows? Perhaps Elba will be cast as President of the US.