Idris Elba praises new documentary series ‘Human Playground’
(Credit: Netflix)


Idris Elba praises new documentary series 'Human Playground'

A brand new Netflix documentary is hitting the digital shelves of the streaming service, with Human Playground, a docuseries that explores the evolution of play and sport from across the globe. 

Narrated by the British screen star Idris Elba, the actor has come out to say that the documentary and accompanying photo book, shot and written by Belgian photographer Hannelore Vandenbussche, offered a “broadening perspective” on humanity. Having trained as a professional kickboxer as well as a stuntman, Elba was the perfect choice to narrate the documentary, with the actor offering an informed opinion on the unfolding events. 

Speaking to PEOPLE, Elba stated: “This documentary, this team, literally widens my point of view on sports, on being an athlete, widen my perspective on endurance and what human beings can do, what they’re capable of…And so if people are watching this at home and going, ‘Whoa. I struggle just to get to the gym,’ that’s OK”. 

Continuing, he adds: “Because there’s other ways you can get that same feeling from the gym…You might be able to just go for a walk, and walk further than you’ve ever done before. But in your own way, you can push yourself. You can expand”. 

The book of the same name, published by teNeues Publishers, depicts 15 sports from across the world and shines a light on the cultures and countries that often go unnoticed. As stated in the press release, the book “reveals the many ways humans experience play in the form of six universal themes: ancient rituals, rites of passage, business, pain, perfection and sacredness”. 

Take a look at the trailer for the new brand-new docuseries below.