Huge celebrity chef signs megabucks deal with Netflix
(Credits: Jamie Oliver)

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Huge celebrity chef signs megabucks deal with Netflix

Celebrity TV chef Jamie Oliver has become the newest big name to defect to Netflix. He moved away from his work with Channel 4 to work on several series with the streaming giant. 

Jamie and his team have been attached to a string of different projects. One of the first viewers will get to see is dropping next year as Oliver will be appearing on Chef’s Table. Getting to speak on the program is an honour reserved for the brightest culinary minds as the show follows their stories and explores how they are represented in the chef’s cooking style. 

Oliver isn’t the first TV personality to move to Netflix. He follows a number of other celebrities, such as Holly Willoughby, Jeremy Clarkson, and Joel Dommett, who have all recently started working with the streaming platform on a wide variety of programs. 

It seems that signing with the streaming giant is becoming the next step for celebrities who want to take their careers to the next level. This makes sense, given that Netflix shows have a bigger budget attached, are more consistent, and reach a much wider audience. As such, it’s likely most TV personalities would be keen on making the move at some point. 

Despite his move to the streaming platform, Jamie Oliver’s relationship with Channel 4 won’t end entirely. He still has several projects with the channel in the pipeline, which he will finish before making the move. 

He will likely have an increasing number of projects coming from Netflix, too, so it won’t be feasible for him to work on both. 

This is a developing story; more news on the shows that Oliver will do for Netflix will follow.