How ‘Night Teeth’ wasted the potential of Megan Fox as a vampire
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How 'Night Teeth' wasted the potential of Megan Fox as a vampire

Megan Fox has always been a major conversational topic. The Jennifer’s Body actress has always been considered a raging sex icon who first rose to prominence with Transformers before amassing a cult-like fan following with Jennifer’s Body. While the actress has always made headlines due to several comments and controversies, including a highly confusing relationship with filmmaker Michael Bay, recently, Fox has been the centre of all attention following her explosive union with Machine Gun Kelly.

Ever since MGK began dating Fox, they stirred up several headlines. From buying her an extravagant engagement ring to the actress talking about drinking blood, netizens have often pointed out the apparent toxicity of their relationship. While they both seem to be having the time of their lives and everybody is entitled to freedom in relationships, Fox’s recent revelations left many uncomfortable and disoriented.

Fox is currently practising spiritual and metaphysical rituals besides meditation, tarot card reading and astrology, trying to connect with the spiritual realm. She revealed that she and MGK often drink a few drops of blood for ritualistic purposes, setting the Internet on fire and even prompting the Vampire Association to issue a cautionary warning about safe blood-drinking practices. While Fox is quite calm and collected, she revealed that the rapper is much more “haphazard and chaotic” and would rather cut open his chest with broken glass as he wants to express his incredible passion for her.

While Fox’s revelation has drawn several negative comments and general backlash, we cannot help but think about the time when Fox’s potential as a sexy vampire goth was totally put to waste in the 2021 Netflix film Night Teeth. Directed by Adam Randall, the film starred Jorge Lendeborg Jr, Debby Ryan and Lucy Fry; it starred Megan Fox and Euphoria star Sydney Sweeney in a particular scene that lasted for lesser time than our interest in MGK and Fox’s bizarre relationship yet created an impact the entire movie couldn’t.

Night Teeth is a typical canon vampire film which is fun enough to leave little bite marks but not strong enough to create a blood-sucking impact. It revolves around a college kid named Benny working as a night chauffeur in LA to earn extra money. He ends up driving two vampire women to various debauchery around town before finding himself caught in an egotistic battle between vampires and vampire-hunters, led by Alfie Allen’s notorious, hedonistic and villainous Victor.

Fox as Grace, in her flowing glittery cape and sultry stares, complements Sweeney’s Eva as they form some of the bosses of the ancient vampire clan trying to co-exist peacefully with humans. With her human pets, ruthless fangs and martini glass goblets, she is a ravenous vision.

However, Victor’s violent means leave them flustered. While Grace and Eva await Victor’s apology, he kills them unceremoniously off-screen after a brief joint cameo. This leaves us all pretty angry and heartbroken, as Fox’s Grace would have made one hell of a mean, menacing villain.

Night Teeth had promoted the film based on Fox’s appearance. Her short cameo is underwhelming and an absolute waste of her affinity for the mysterious roles. The women vampires deserved more screen-time to unleash blood-soaked, monstrous havoc on the mortal realm. They could have indulged in Fox’s sadistic fantasies by allowing her to flaunt her vampirism as a seedy, sinister and badass woman vampire.