How ‘Missing Dead or Alive’ differs from other true crime shows
(Credit: Netflix)

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How 'Missing Dead or Alive' differs from other true crime shows

Netflix has released their latest true crime show in the form of Missing Dead or Alive, an otherwise familiar documentary series that tries to do something very different with the format.

A fly-on-the-wall documentary, the series is told mostly from the perspective of the narrator, investigator Vicki Rains, as the audience follows the Missing Persons team of South Carolina. Providing a fascinating insight into how such investigations are carried out by the emergency services, the show shares more similarities with such series as 24 Hours in Police Custody than previous true crime stories such as Making a Murderer.

Instead of focusing on just one intricate case, Netflix’s new show deals with the trappings of the format, following cases that twist and turn with unpredictability whilst just focusing on one law enforcement team. 

Across just four episodes, we discover a number of fascinating cases, including the story of a mother who vanishes after a hospital trip to a ten-year-old girl who never came back to her father after a weekend with her mother. 

Missing Dead or Alive is available to watch right now on Netflix, check out the trailer below.