How many seasons of ‘One Piece’ are there on Netflix?
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How many seasons of 'One Piece' are there on Netflix?

Ever since its release in 1997, Eiichiro Oda’s shonen manga series One Piece became an instant sensation in Japan, spaning a massive and longest-running franchise that comprises animated feature films, an anime series with over 1000 episodes, several video game adaptations and popular merchandise.

In 1999, Toei Animation premiered the anime series with over 20 seasons. They were helmed by several directors, namely Konosuke Uda, Junji Shimizu, Hiroaki Miyamoto, Tatsuya Nagamine and several others. Decades after its release, the series continues to have an extremely loyal fanbase who are awestruck by the brilliant style and characters of the manga.

Currently, Netflix is trying to break its anime curse with a live-action remake of One Piece. The anime curse was induced by Netflix’s desire to jump into the adaptation craze following the success of Castlevania, DOTA and The Witcher.

However, with Cowboy Bebop, the streamer essentially screwed up. While the original anime was a massive hit and a revolutionary creative piece, the live-action was not very well-received and got cancelled by Netflix after just one season despite petitions from fans. 

While the streamer has been consistently adding several episodes of the original anime series, they have taken their own creative liberty to break up the seasons and add lesser episodes than the original to make it more user-friendly.

Here is everything we know about the number of One Piece seasons on Netflix:

How many seasons of ‘One Piece’ are there on Netflix?

What is One Piece all about?

Based on Oda’s manga series, the anime aired for the first time in 1999 in Japan. With over 100 manga volumes, 1000 episodes and 14 animation films to its name, the One Piece franchise is one of the longest-running and most popular franchise in the history of anime and manga.

The anime revolves around the escapades of a young man named Monkey D. Luffy. Inspired by his childhood role model, the notorious pirate RedHaired Shanks, Luffy sets out on a daunting journey across the East Blue Sea to find the titular and legendary treasure that will make him the King of Pirates.

(Credit: One Piece)

How many seasons of One Piece does Netflix have?

The 1990s anime has 20 seasons as of 2019 with 1022 episodes. Netflix US has the first ten episodes which have been broken into smaller story arcs.

  • The first arc is the East Blue/ Arabasta. It comprises the first four seasons, each of which was added to Netflix on 12th June 2020. Titled ‘East Blue’, ‘Entering the Grand Line’. ‘Enter Chopper at the Winter Island’ and ‘Alabasta’, the four seasons make up the first 130 episodes of the series.
  • The second segment revolves around the events in Filler/ Sky Island. Added to Netflix on May 22nd 2022, the fifth, sixth and seventh seasons are titled ‘Filler’, ‘Skypiea’ and ‘The Golden Bell’. However, Netflix has broken the episode counts in a different manner. These three seasons amount to 195 episodes.
  • The eighth, ninth and tenth seasons, titled ‘The Naval Fortress’, ‘The Foxy Pirate Crew’ and ‘Water 7’, were added on June 22nd 2022. They have added several episodes that have raised the collective episode count to 263.

When are more seasons of One Piece coming to Netflix?

Netflix is planning to add three more seasons of One Piece on July 22nd 2022. The eleventh season is titled ‘Enies Lobby’, while the twelfth and thirteenth seasons are titled ‘CP9’ and ‘Goodbye Going Merry’ which raises the Netflix episode count to 325.

Will Netflix add more seasons of One Piece?

In future, Netflix US will probably add ten more seasons that will make up 498 episodes. Whether the streamer will add the rest of the remaining episodes is yet unknown.

What do we know about the One Piece live-action remake on Netflix?

Adapted from over 1000 episodes, One Piece will have ten episodes which will primarily focus on Luffy and his team of Straw Hat Pirates instead of venturing into other narratives.

With Mexican actor Inaki Godoy as Luffy, the ensemble cast includes Mackenyu, Jacob Romero Gibson, Taz Skyler, Emily Rudd, Morgan Davies, Vincent Regan and Aidan Scott among several others. Ilia Isorelys will be seen as Luffy’s first-ever antagonist Iron Mace Alvida while Peter Gadiot will be seen as the legendary Shanks.

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