How did David and Victoria Beckham meet?
(Credits: Victoria Beckham)

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How did David and Victoria Beckham meet?

Netflix is all geared up to release the four-part docuseries BECKHAM. It promises an intimate and unfiltered peak at the man behind the fame, the football icon David Beckham.

The trailer of BECKHAM has given us plenty of hints at what’s to come. The former footballer and British icon has opened up about why he “went at” Sir Alex Ferguson and even discussed his OCD issues. But it is the story of how he met Victoria Adams that has intrigued some fans the most.

“My manager would say, ‘Try to keep it a secret,’” Victoria said of her early days with David Beckham. “So we’d meet in car parks, which isn’t as sleazy as it sounds.” This made David laugh and jovially remark, “Classy!”

The Beckhams even discussed how David’s mother disapproved of their relationship at first!

So, how did Victoria and David Beckham meet?

Victoria and David Beckham’s love story made the worlds of music and sports collide in pop culture. They remain one of the most influential power couples in the entertainment industry, yet their story began in 1997 when Victoria, aka ‘Posh Spice’ from the girl group Spice Girls, attended a charity football match.

David, the rising star of Manchester United and a football heartthrob, happened to notice Victoria in the crowd. It was a moment that would change both their lives forever. After the match, David requested an introduction and a mutual friend introduced them, with the chance encounter sparking an immediate connection between the two despite their starkly different worlds.

Their relationship remained secret for several months as the media frenzy surrounding both of them intensified. In July 1999, David and Victoria announced their engagement, and the world eagerly followed their journey to the altar.

On July 4th, 1999, they tied the knot in a lavish wedding ceremony at Luttrellstown Castle in Ireland. The event was nothing short of a royal spectacle, with Victoria wearing an iconic Vera Wang gown and the guest list featuring the who’s who of A-list celebrities.

Since then, the Beckhams have maintained their status quo as an enduring symbol of love, style, and success. They have four children together and have navigated the challenges of fame and fortune for nearly three decades. That is a veritable feat for any couple, let alone a celebrity power duo, who have flourished beyond their initial arenas of success in the public eye for so long.

When is BECKHAM coming to Netflix?

Netflix has announced that BECKHAM will be released on October 4th, 2023. You can watch the trailer of BECKHAM here: