How Christina Ricci terrified Jenna Ortega on ‘Wednesday’
(Credit: Matthias Clamer/Netflix © 2022)

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How Christina Ricci terrified Jenna Ortega on 'Wednesday'

If you have not yet watched Wednesday, Tim Burton’s new series on Netflix here is your cue. The show is based on yet another abbreviation of The Addam’s Family. Jenna Ortega plays the fiery yet stony role of Wednesday Addams. A role made popular by Christina Ricci when she played the pre-teen almost three decades ago. The show has been making some serious noise in showbiz for Jenna Ortega’s classic yet authentic role. 

Things took a turn on the sets of Wednesday when an undisclosed member of the cast was sprung out. Yes! None other than the OG of all Addams’. Christina Ricci joined the cast of Wednesday later in the show. That in itself raises a lot of questions regarding the very universe of Addam’s Family. Similar to the audience, even the cast was shaken by the surprise member. Scream star Jenna Ortega herself was taken aback. 

Ortega enunciated her experience of working alongside on the sets of Wednesday in a special on Empire. She added, “I felt like I was genuinely having a panic attack when I was told,”. She continued, “I was terrified. She’s a really cool lady. I was fine meeting her, but the first time we did a scene together, and she had to see me done up the way she was done up 30 years ago, it was nerve-racking. It’s really important to me that I wasn’t ripping anyone off,” mentioned Ortega. 

“Christina Ricci’s performance is flawlessly done. It’s pitch-perfect, and I wouldn’t change anything about it, which is another reason it was hard for me to do this job.”

Ortega expressed her stress sprang up as she wanted to be original. And knowing that Ricci did an inexplicably good job as Wednesday Addams made it more difficult for her. The young star has definitely done a great job at creating her version of the character. There is no doubt about that.

Halloween season is still on, and alongside the abundance of shows to watch on the streamer with relevant genres, don’t miss out on this gem. Watch the trailer for the new Burton series Wednesday here. Wednesday is going to be released on 23rd November on the streamer.