The horror series leaving viewers “scared for their lives”
(Credit: Netflix)

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The horror series leaving viewers “scared for their lives”

The French horror series that originally aired on Netflix in 2019, Marianne, has resurfaced amid a swell of Twitter activity. The series is yet to have clearance for a second season, but with viewers describing it as one of the scariest shows ever and others demanding a follow-up, more episodes could be in the pipeline. 

The official IMDb synopsis for Marianne reads: “Emma, a famous and successful French horror writer, is forced to return to her hometown after the woman who haunted her dreams fifteen years ago begins to re-appear. The work she writes is apparently a work of fiction, but how much is fact?”

The creepy horror, written by Samuel Bodin and Quoc Dang Tran, first arrived on Netflix on Friday, September 13th in, 2019. At first, it struggled to reach a wide audience, especially in the English-speaking world, but in recent weeks, the show seems to have enjoyed a resurgence. 

In recent weeks, fans have taken to Twitter to sing the series’ praises and confirm that it is, indeed, a horror. One viewer tweeted: “Marianne on Netflix is so freaking scary. Like I have to take Tinkerbell to the bathroom with me scary. For reals.”

Chad Homura wrote: “Just finished watching Marianne on Netflix and it’s the scariest thing I’ve ever watched in my whole fucking life.”

Another wrote: “This Marianne on Netflix is fucking scary af.”

If you can’t take these Twitter users’ words for it, we suggest you check it out for yourselves. The first and only season is available on Netflix UK now. See the trailer below.