The “grotesque” horror movie keeping Netflix audiences awake at night
(Credit: Netflix)

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The “grotesque” horror movie keeping Netflix audiences awake at night

Netflix subscribers have been reporting that they are finding it difficult to get off to sleep after they watch the new horror movie, Viking Wolf. The film tells of a young teenager who is bitten by a werewolf from the medieval age and was released on the streaming service in February earlier this year.

Viking Wolf is a Norwegian production with a relatively low budget. Upon its initial release, reviews were middling at best, and the current score on Rotten Tomatoes is bang on 50 per cent, while IMDb ranks the horror flick at 5.2/10.

The action of Viking Wolf takes place in a small Swedish town called Nybo, where its inhabitants quickly become terrorised by a werewolf-looking creature just after young Thale, aged 17, moves to the town with her mother from the Norwegian capital, Oslo, following the death of her father.

Those who have watched the film have been claiming that they cannot sleep after it ends. One viewer wrote on Twitter, “My 8-year-old sister thought she was smart and snuck watched the Viking Wolf on Netflix. She has been slinking into my room around midnight as the nightmares are nightmaring.” Evidently, the film is a real shocker.

Check out the trailer below.