Hit TV show reaches Top 10 after final season premiere on Netflix
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Hit TV show reaches Top 10 after final season premiere on Netflix

NBC shows have often found massive popularity among Netflix users and the show, Good Girls, is no different. After its final season premiere on Netflix, the show has risen to the Top 10 charts. 

Created in 2018 by Jenna Bans, this crime dramedy stars Christina Hendricks, Retta, Reno Wilson, Mae Whitman, Matthew Lillard and others. 

The series revolves around three suburban mothers in Michigan, of whom two sisters are having a challenging time balancing motherhood and financial constraints. They forge an unlikely plan of robbing a supermarket. 

However, the heist makes them fall into a rabbit hole when they get involved in gang heists, secrets, money laundering and more.

With a somewhat Breaking Bad-esque twist, the dramedy revolves around three female leads who are badass and confused. They are incredible in their roles and make the insane premise compelling and believable. 

The fourth season of Good Girls arrived on Netflix at the beginning of the week. Since then, it has been rising through the ranks on the Top 10s charts. 

On Tuesday, the show was the fifth-most popular title, pushing past the two recently-added Shrek titles and the Netflix Original series, Vikings: Valhalla

Toni Collette’s Pieces of Her has been reigning in the top spot for quite some time now.

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