‘Hereditary’: Watch Jennifer Lawrence’s favourite horror movie on Netflix
(Credit: Gage Skidmore)


'Hereditary': Watch Jennifer Lawrence's favourite horror movie on Netflix

Jennifer Lawrence is undoubtedly among the biggest names in Hollywood, having starred in critically acclaimed projects such as Silver Linings Playbook as well as popular franchises like The Hunger Games. As part of Netflix’s push to create impressive original cntent, she participated in one of the most discussed films of recent years – Adam McKay’s satirical thriller Don’t Look Up.

Commercially successful as well as critically acclaimed, she has an Academy Award, three Golden Globes and a BAFTA Award to her name. In 2013, she was named by Time Magazine in their 100 most influential people in the world.

Since she was a child, Lawrence had an inclination towards acting because it helped with her social anxieties. When she 14, she was noticed by a talent scout while vacationing in New York City with her family. In order to facilitate her acting career, she moved to Los Angeles to play guest roles in television shows. Her first major role came as a main cast member on the sitcom The Bill Engvall Show (2007–2009). Although she made her film debut in Garden Party (2008), her major breakthrough came when she played a poverty-stricken teenager in the independent drama Winter’s Bone (2010).

Since Lawrence has a massive global fanbase, many journalists have asked the actor about her taste in cinema. On previous occasions, Lawrence has cited the works of filmmakers such as John Cassavetes, Woody Allen and the Coen brothers. She cited Allen’s Midnight in Paris as her favourite work by the New Hollywood auteur and claimed that it blew her away.

However, during a conversation with Vanity Fair, Lawrence recently revealed that her favourite film of all time is Hereditary. The 2018 modern horror gem by Ari Aster is considered to be one of the finest horror films of the last decade by many critics and horror fans, including none other than Martin Scorsese.

While talking about the greatness of the film and its effectiveness as a horror masterpiece, Scorsese poignantly said: “Like all memorable horror films, it tunnels deep into something unnameable and unspeakable, and the violence is as emotional as it is physical.”

Hereditary announced Aster’s arrival onto the modern horror scene in many ways right before he cemented his place in the contemporary landscape with Midsommar. Starring talented actors such as Toni Collette, Hereditary is a chilling exploration of a family which is slowly torn apart by malicious forces.

In the interview, Lawrence admitted she loved Hereditary so much that she even decorated her water bottle with stickers from the film. Not just that, her husband also gifted her a diamond necklace hidden in a copy of the screenplay of Hereditary for her 30th birthday. It’s safe to say that Lawrence is another popular member of the ever-growing Ari Aster fan club.

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