Henry Cavill’s “draining” stunts in The Witcher
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Henry Cavill’s “draining” stunts in The Witcher

It was announced last year that Henry Cavill, who starred in The Witcher as Geralt of Rivia, would be stepping down from the role, and Marc Jobst has since opened up about his exit from the show.

As one of the directors of The Witcher, Jobst hinted that the “demanding” nature of the role might have led to Cavill’s exit.

Speaking to Games Radar, he said: “Henry has done three series, these are demanding shows to make, you know, they are huge.”

He went on to explain that Cavill did “every single beat of his stunts” on the show, saying he wouldn’t allow even a hand double.

“So, normally, what you do is you bring in a double, [Cavill] will go off and shoot some other scene in which he’s in somewhere else, and you get somebody else into the hand, so that you don’t have to bother your number one,” he said. “Henry won’t do that, and as a result of that, the results are extraordinary.”

Although Jobst said Cavill was an “incredible athlete”, the demanding scenes naturally took a toll on the star.

“[It’s] draining on your number one, so after three series, I feel, ‘Okay, he’s brought the show into being, and if he feels like he’s done what he can, I trust him,’” Jobst continued. “That focus that he has, that desire to get it right, is a gift to work with because it elevates everybody to say, ‘Good enough isn’t good enough. It’s got to be fantastic.’”

The third season was released in two parts earlier this year, starring Cavill as it’s lead for the final time. In the fourth season, the role will be played by The Hunger Games star Liam Hemsworth.