Henry Cavill took his time to get ‘The Witcher’ and Geralt right
(Credit: Netflix)


Henry Cavill took his time to get 'The Witcher' and Geralt right

There’s been a lot of upheaval in recent years surrounding the Netflix fantasy drama show The Witcher, which saw Henry Cavill play the lead role of Geralt of Rivia for three of its seasons but has now left the show.

Executive producer Tomek Baginski recently gave his thoughts on all things Witcher. He told Metro of the potential post-Cavill fan boycott, “I don’t know, I think wait and see. It’s the only strategy I can take at the moment because we don’t know what will happen in the future. We don’t know how it will work.”

Still, Baginski is in a positive mood as to what Cavill’s replacement, Liam Hemsworth, can offer as Geralt. “I am personally very excited about what Liam will bring to the show,” he said, “because I also remember what were the first reactions for Henry years ago in 2018.”

The producer went on to explain that Cavill’s transition into Geralt was not as simple as many might initially have thought. “At that time, a lot of people couldn’t imagine this character being played by Henry Cavill,” he said, “because, ‘Oh, he’s too muscular.'” 

“There was a ton of different opinions all over the internet,” Baginski continued. “And then we released first materials, and then we released first trailers, and finally [it] was like, ‘Oh, that’s interesting. That actually is working; that’s actually going quite well.'”

The producer said that Cavill had to take some time during a filming hiatus to get Geralt’s voice right: “I remember when Henry returned after this hiatus, he returned with Geralt’s voice. But before that, it was not like that. It was still a discovery. Suddenly, Henry comes back in January, and he is Geralt, and it was like that.”

For those reasons, Baginski believes that the new Liam Hemsworth Geralt will take some time to get right, but it will be a proper Geralt. “Especially who is Liam’s Geralt, because it will be a slightly different Geralt with a slightly different tone,” he said, “but it will still be Geralt.”