‘Hellbound’ officially confirmed for season two on Netflix
(Credit: Netflix)

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‘Hellbound’ officially confirmed for season two on Netflix

Netflix’s hit series, Hellbound, has been confirmed for a second season by the streamer.

The show dropped on the streaming service last November, and creator Yeon Sang-ho has admitted to being bewildered by its success. Last year, he said? “When I first talked about Hellbound with Netflix, I did not think that it would universally resonate with the audiences.” He also said the “target audience was a niche market of those who like this genre.” 

The director said he didn’t even think about Hellbound topping the charts on the platform but “went to sleep with a sigh of relief” when the series hit the number one spot.

Now, it’s coming back for a second round which was announced at the streaming platform’s TUDUM event via a teaser clip. “Brace yourselves, hell on Earth returns,” Netflix said in the YouTube description for the video. Currently, no release date for the Hellbound season two has been confirmed following the last series ending on a confusing note.

Speaking to Variety earlier this year about his plans for season two, Sang-ho said: “Because Hellbound is based on the original webtoons [also written by Yeon], my partner Choi Kyu-Seok and I have decided that the story afterwards will be told first through the webtoon,” he told Variety last year.

He added: “In the series, there are different types of humanistic characters… and through those characters, I wanted to bring up conversations for the audiences to discuss which of them genuinely portrays humanistic qualities, from their own perspective. Although the series is set in Korea, I think the issues it touches on are very universal, like life and death, sin and punishment, what it means to be human and so on.”