‘Heartstopper’ season three ready for filming
(Credit: Netflix)


'Heartstopper' season three ready for filming

Director Euros Lyn has admitted that he didn’t know whether his most recent series Heartstopper would be a success, despite having previously worked on Doctor WhoBroadchurch and Happy Valley. But Heartstopper has been a smash hit on Netflix.

In a new interview with the BBC, Lyn revealed that the third season of Heartstopper has been greenlit, and filming is ready to begin. He also discussed the impact the script had on him when he first read it. 

“When I first read the script, it really got to me emotionally, and I hoped it would have the same effect on audiences,” Lyn noted. The series has been adapted from Alice Oseman’s graphic novels and has been praised for his LGBT community representation.

“But there are always so many variables, so many things which can shift it either way that you never know how it’s going to go,” the director added. “So it’s a brilliant, lovely surprise that people have taken it to their hearts and loved it so much.”

Lyn went on to describe the love story in Heartstopper, comparing it to a Shakespearean drama. “Falling in love for the first time stays with you forever – no matter what age you are,” he said. “People really get how the two boys in our story are destined for each other, just as Shakespeare realised Romeo and Juliet were star-crossed lovers.”

With two successful seasons under its belt, work will begin on making a third season, with Lyn noting, “Season three has been commissioned already; we’re very excited and are due to start work on it soon.”

He signed off, “When I read a script, I really have to feel it because I always put my heart and soul into it. I just try to tell the best story I possibly can.”