Marvel agent will voice Lara Croft on Netflix’s ‘Tomb Raider’ anime
(Credit: Marvel)

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Marvel agent will voice Lara Croft on Netflix's 'Tomb Raider' anime

Marvel’s Agent Peggy Carter will now be seen as Lara Croft in Netflix’s upcoming Tomb Raider anime as the award-winning actress Hayley Atwell will be voicing the character.

The upcoming Netflix anime is set to follow the trajectory of the Tomb Raider game trilogy. Atwell will be playing a slightly older version of Lara Croft, succeeding Camilla Luddington in the reboot as well as the other two sequels Rise of the Tomb Raider and Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Netflix had announced the development of the series in January 2021 as a part of all the video game adaptation projects scheduled to take place. However, an official release date has not yet been announced. 

The series will be written and executive produced by Tasha Huo who is known for working on Red Sonja, The Witcher: Blood Origin etc. Howard Blis, Dmitri M. Johnson and Stephen Bugaj will be joining Huo as executive producers as well. 

Atwell will next be seen in the September 2022 release, Mission Impossible 7 which is also highly anticipated by the fans of the franchise. 

The Olivier Award and Golden Globe-nominated actress has reprised the role as Peggy Carter in six Marvel films besides her own underrated series Agent Carter as well as Agents of SHIELD and What If..?. She has also voiced the role in some of the spin-off game series. 

This is not the first video game-to-anime adaptation for Netflix. They have adapted various shows and films, including live-action ones, such as The Witcher, Castlevania, Detention etc. 

Netflix has already announced adaptations of Assassin’s Creed, Devil May Cry, Resident Evil and Sonic the Hedgehog to stream pretty soon, besides the upcoming Pokemon adaptation. 

Watch Atwell as Peggy Carter in the clip below: